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The Death Note Original Soundtrack (デスノート Original Soundtrack) is the soundtrack for the Death Note 2015 television drama. The soundtrack is composed by Takayuki Hattori. It was released on CD and digital on August 26, 2015.

It is often listed in online stores as Drama "Death Note" Original Soundtrack (ドラマ「デスノート」オリジナル・サウンドトラック), to distinguish it from other Death Note soundtracks.

Track listing[]

Track Title (romaji) Translated title Length
01 「デスノート」グランド・テーマ
("Desu Noto" Gurando Tēma)
"Death Note" Grand Theme 11:03
02 哀しみの過去 (Kanashimi no Kako) Sorrow of the Past 3:02
03 デスノートに書く (Desu Noto ni Kaku) Write in the Death Note 1:49
04 胸に迫る思い (Mune ni Semaru Omoi) Inner Thoughts 1:53
05 舞い降りた死神 (Maiori ta Shinigami) Shinigami's Descent 2:35
06 突破口 (Toppakou) Breakthrough 2:15
07 「デスノート」グランド・テーマ〜決意〜
(Desu Noto Tēma -Ketsui-)
Death Note Grand Theme ~Resolution~ 2:34
08 天使と悪魔 (Tenshi to Akuma) Angels And Demons 1:31
09 宙に浮くリンゴ (Chuu ni Uku Ringo) Floating Apple 1:58
10 犯行開始 (Hankou Kaishi) Crime Begins 1:43
11 忍び寄る闇夜 (Shinobi Yoru Yamiyo) The Night Creeps In 1:50
12 怒りと動揺 (Ikari to Douyou) Anger And Agitation 1:55
13 名探偵 (Na Tantei) The Great Detective 2:27
14 赤いノート (Akai Noto) Red Note 1:12
15 頭脳戦 (Zunou Sen) Mind Game 2:12
16 白い領域 (Shiroi Ryouiki) White Domain 1:47
17 革命家 (Kakumei ka) Revolutionary 1:48
18 軽やかな日々 (Karoyaka na Hibi) Daily Routine 1:48
19 「デスノート」グランド・テーマ〜葛藤〜
("Desu Noto" Gurando Tēma -Kattou-)
"Death Note" Grand Theme ~Conflict~ 2:09
20 父と息子 (Chichi to Musuko) Father and Son 3:05
21 迷宮の時計 (Meikyuu no Tokei) Clockwork Labyrinth 1:14
22 もう一人の自分 (Mou Hitori no Jibun) The Other Me 2:27
23 心の痛み (Kokoro no Itami) Heartache 2:16
24 死神の愛 (Shinigami no Ai) Shinigami's Love 1:58
25 「デスノート」グランド・テーマ〜Extra〜
("Desu Noto" Gurando Tēma -Extra-)
"Death Note" Grand Theme ~Extra~ 3:04


  • The soundtrack notably does not include "Aryarya," a recurring song performed by Ichigo Berry in the series.

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