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This page is for the anime soundtrack. For the 2015 television drama soundtrack, see Death Note Original Soundtrack (TV drama).

The Death Note Original Soundtrack is the first soundtrack for the Death Note anime series. It was composed by Hideki Taniuchi and Yoshihisa Hirano, and it was first released on December 21, 2006 in Japan.

The soundtrack contains the first anime opening and ending themes sung by the Japanese band Nightmare.

Track listing[]

  1. "Death Note"
  2. "Incident" (事件, Jiken)
  3. "Light's Theme" (ライトのテーマ, Raito no Tēma)
  4. "L's Theme" (Lのテーマ, Eru no Tēma)
  5. "Tension" (緊張, Kinchō)
  6. "Horror" (戦慄, Senritsu)
  7. "Loneliness" (孤独, Kodoku)
  8. "Resonance" (共鳴, Kyōmei)
  9. "Anticipation" (期待, Kitai)
  10. "The Kira Special Investigation Unit" (特捜キラ班, Tokusō Kira Han)
  11. "L's Theme B" (LのテーマB, Eru no Tēma Bī)
  12. "Hesitation" (逡巡, Shunjun)
  13. "Pursuit" (追跡, Tsuiseki)
  14. "L's Companions" (Lの仲間, Eru no Nakama)
  15. "Special Investigation" (特捜, Tokusō)
  16. "Shinigami World" (死神界, Shinigamikai)
  17. "Boredom" (退屈, Taikutsu)
  18. "Rem" (レム, Remu)
  19. "Death Note Theme"
  20. "Kyrie"
  21. "Domine Kira"
  22. "Teleology of Death"
  23. "Low of Solipsism"
  24. "Requiem"
  25. "Immanence"
  26. "Dirge"
  27. "Light Lights Up Light"
  28. "Alert"
  29. "the WORLD (TV Size)" (the WORLD ~TVサイズ~, the WORLD ~TV Saizu~) / Nightmare
  30. "Alumina (TV Size)" (アルミナ~TVサイズ~, Arumina ~TV Saizu~) / Nightmare