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Death Note Color Edition (DEATH NOTE カラー版, desu nōto karā ban) is a full-color re-release of the Death Note manga series. The edition includes the original color pages that were released with the chapters in Weekly Shonen Jump, with all the original black and white pages newly colored for this release.

The full-color volumes were first released digitally in October 2012 in Japanese.[1] In 2018, the color edition was released as physical volumes in Korean.

The Death Note color edition may also be known as Death Note Digital Color Edition (DEATH NOTE デジタルカラー版, desu nōto dejitaru karā ban) from the Japanese copyright page, or as Death Note Digital Colored Comics from the Japanese volume cover page.

Japanese digital color volumes[]

The Death Note color edition was only released digitally in Japanese; there was no physical volume release. The full-color digital volumes are distinct from the regular (not full-color) digital volumes by a red banner on the right of the cover that reads "Digital Colored Comics"; the regular digital editions have a blue banner that reads "Jump Comics". Both are released under Shueisha's Jump Comics Digital (ジャンプコミックスDIGITAL) imprint.

The full-color volumes are a direct re-release of the original volumes, just with full-color pages. As digital releases, the Japanese editions don't have unique ISBNs.

Korean color volumes[]

The Death Note color edition (데스노트 컬러판, deseunoteu keolleopan) was released in Korean by publisher Daewon C.I. They were first released as hardcover volumes in 2018. In 2020, the 12 volumes were released together as a set, and also released digitally.

# Translated title Original Korean title Date Hardcover ISBN-13
1 Death Note Color Edition 1 - Boredom 데스노트 컬러판 1 - 따분함 May 2018 979-11-334-7762-3
2 Death Note Color Edition 2 - Confluence 데스노트 컬러판 2 - 합류 May 2018 979-11-334-7763-0
3 Death Note Color Edition 3 - Fast & Furious 데스노트 컬러판 3 - 분노의 질주 May 2018 979-11-334-7764-7
4 Death Note Color Edition 4 - Compassion 데스노트 컬러판 4 - 연심 Jun 2018 979-11-334-8212-2
5 Death Note Color Edition 5 - White Paper 데스노트 컬러판 5 - 백지 Jun 2018 979-11-334-8213-9
6 Death Note Color Edition 6 - Exchange 데스노트 컬러판 6 - 교환 Jun 2018 979-11-334-8214-6
7 Death Note Color Edition 7 - Zero 데스노트 컬러판 7 - 제로 Jul 2018 979-11-334-8308-2
8 Death Note Color Edition 8 - Target 데스노트 컬러판 8 - 표적 Jul 2018 979-11-334-8309-9
9 Death Note Color Edition 9 - Contact 데스노트 컬러판 9 - 접촉 Jul 2018 979-11-334-8310-5
10 Death Note Color Edition 10 - Delete 데스노트 컬러판 10 - 삭제 Aug 2018 979-11-334-8541-3
11 Death Note Color Edition 11 - Concentric 데스노트 컬러판 11 - 동심 Aug 2018 979-11-334-8542-0
12 Death Note Color Edition 12 - Finalized 데스노트 컬러판 12 - 완결 Aug 2018 979-11-334-8543-7
Set Death Note Color Edition Set (Volumes 1-12) 데스노트 컬러판 세트(1~12권) Apr 2020 979-11-334-7761-6


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  1. Copyright pages for all volumes show a 2012 release. Shueisha's official site listing shows an October 12, 2012 release for all volumes.