Death Note All-in-One Edition (DEATH NOTE 完全収録版, Death Note Kanzen Shuuroku Han, lit. Death Note Complete Collection Edition) is a massive omnibus volume reprint of the Death Note manga series.

It contains all of the original 108 chapters of the series. It also contains the Death Note One-Shot Special chapter, which is the chapter's first reprint since it was originally published in Weekly Shonen Jump, and it is the first time the chapter is published in English.

The release of the volume in Japan corresponded with the release of the Japanese film Death Note: Light Up the NEW World. The release of the volume in English corresponded with the release of Netflix's English-language film Death Note.

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The volume was well-received, with many reviewers joking that it is big enough to actually kill someone with it. "Forget having your name written in the deadly notebook; this Death Note could prove lethal if someone dropped it on your head."[1]

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  • Although Viz officially released the manga volume on September 5th, they sold copies at San Diego Comic Con from July 21st to the 23rd.[2] Many retailers also began selling it a few days before September 5th.

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