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# German title Translation First released Length ISBN
01 Mustererkennung Pattern Recognition Oct 26, 2018 53 min[1] Disc: 978-3-7857-5771-0
Digital: 978-3-8387-8896-8
Audio drama 01 German cover
Top student Light Yagami becomes increasingly frustrated with crime going unpunished in the world. After receiving a notebook that kills anyone whose name and face is known, Light begins a crusade to cleanse the world of crime as the vigilante Kira. His actions draw the attention of Ryuk, the notebook's original owner, the Japanese police force, which includes Light's father Soichiro Yagami, and L, the world's greatest detective. L sets a trap for Light, and eventually narrows Light's location to the Kanto region in Japan. The episode ends with Light discovering an FBI agent following him.[2]
02 Kollateralschaden Collateral Damage Oct 26, 2018 58 min[3] Disc: 978-3-7857-5772-7
Digital: 978-3-8387-8897-5
Audio drama 02 German cover
Kira, as the mysterious killer is now called everywhere, has not yet finished his plan to rid the world of all criminals. Light Yagami is also targeted by the investigators and monitored by the FBI. To escape his observers, the student once again uses the power of Death Note. The sudden death of 12 FBI agents deeply troubles the investigators. Only a small group has the courage to continue searching for Kira under false indentities…
03 Geliebter Feind Beloved Enemy Oct 26, 2018 50 min[4] Disc: 978-3-7857-5773-4
Digital: 978-3-8387-8898-2
Audio drama 03 German cover
The investigative team on the Kira case, especially L, are getting closer to Light. But they cannot prove it's him. To gain certainty, L decides to befriend the suspect and convict him. He meets Light under a false name, but the student quickly realizes who he is facing. And Kira is determined to take advantage of this unusual friendship…
04 Treuebeweis Proof of Loyalty Nov 30, 2018 50 min[5] Disc: 978-3-7857-5774-1
Digital: 978-3-8387-8899-9
Audio drama 04 German cover
A live broadcast on Sakura TV station shakes Japan: in front of running cameras Kira announces the immediate death of a newscaster. As a police officer tries to prevent the broadcasting of the program, he too dies. But Kira's choice of victims seems to be changed and more immoral than before. He suddenly kills as he pleases. Are these the actions of a new Kira? L is left with no choice in his investigation - he must team up with Light to find out the truth.
05 Ausschlusskriterium Exclusion Criteria Nov 30, 2018 58 min[6] Disc: 978-3-7857-5775-8
Digital: 978-3-8387-8900-2
Audio drama 05 German cover
Model Misa Amane claims to be Light's second Kira and desperately wants to work with him. She is obviously in love with him and can not refuse him any request. Light decides to use her enthusiasm to his advantage: Misa can help him get rid of L once and for all. Her shinigami Rem is to take on this task. In the right place at the right time…
06 Grauzone Gray Zone Nov 30, 2018 57 min[7] Disc: 978-3-7857-5776-5
Digital: 978-3-8387-8901-9
Audio drama 06 German cover
After Misa voluntarily gave up her Death Note to protect Light, it now belongs to businessman Kyosuke Higuchi. He unscrupulously uses it to maximize his company's profits by eliminating one competitor after another. Light, now part of L's investigative team, recognizes the pattern behind the new murders, and together they're infiltrating Higuchi's company.
07 Doppelagenten Double Agents Jan 31, 2019 54 min[8] Disc: 978-3-7857-5787-1
Digital: 978-3-8387-9086-2
Audio drama 07 German cover
L and his investigative team succeed in smuggling Misa into Kyosuke Higuchi's company as a new commercial face and double agent. But they still do not know who owns the Death Note. Kyosuke, however, does not suspect that the noose is tightening around his neck, and boasts of his deadly abilities to the seductive Misa. To elicit a public confession, L and Light develop a dangerous plan.
08 Live-Sendung Live Broadcast Jan 31, 2019 43 min[9] Disc: 978-3-7857-5788-8
Digital: 978-3-8387-9087-9
Audio drama 08 German cover
In a live broadcast by Sakura TV, a stranger threatens to reveal the true identity of Kira. The businessman Kyosuke Higuchi wants to prevent this at all costs. On his way to the television studio, he unscrupulously kills anyone who gets in his way with the help of the Death Note. But L and Light are ready to do whatever is necessary to stop him and get the Death Note into their own hands.
09 Erbschulden Inherited Debts Jan 31, 2019 57 min[10] Disc: 978-3-7857-5779-6
Digital: 978-3-8387-9088-6
Audio drama 09 German cover
Five years have passed since L and his investigative team took down Kyosuke Higuchi and the Death Note. As a successful graduate of the Police Academy, Light officially succeeds his father as head of the Japanese Kira investigation. Even his first assignment is a real test of endurance, because his little sister Sayu is kidnapped. The kidnapper knows a great deal about the recent investigation in the Kira case, and the ransom for Sayu is noneother than the Death Note.
10 Karma-Polizei Karma Police Feb 28, 2019 57 min[11] Disc: 978-3-7857-5789-5
Digital: 978-3-8387-9089-3
Audio drama 10 German cover
Since rescuing Sayu, the Death Note is in the hands of the criminal Mello. But Light is not beaten so fast and wants to get it back. His investigative team exposes Mello in an old mafia warehouse and prepares for a dangerous raid. Together with his colleagues and his retired father, Light storms the building and ends up in a deadly ambush.
11 Flamme Flame Feb 28, 2019 53 min[12] Disc: 978-3-7857-5790-1
Digital: 978-3-8387-9090-9
Audio drama 11 German cover
The American special unit SPK has not given up the search for Kira in the last five years. When funds are cut off from the highest level, Near, the head of the SPK, begins to investigate on his own in Japan. Once again, Light tries to distract suspicion from himself by sending the Death Note to the lawyer and great Kira worshiper Teru Mikami as he continues to operate in secrecy.
12 Spitzenprädator Apex Predator Feb 28, 2019 54 min[13] Disc: 978-3-7857-5797-0
Digital: 978-3-8387-9091-6
Audio drama 12 German cover
Mello craves the Death Note more than anyone else. Near looks for the true Kira with the same deep passion. Light wants Mello and Near and the Death Note. And Ryuk… just wants a little fun. But who gets his will in the end? Who is holding the strings in the end? Who leaves the final battlefield as apex predator?


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