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Death Note: The VR Experience is a virtual-reality video created by CBS Digital in collaboration with Netflix for Netflix's 2017 film Death Note.[1]

The experience had its public premiere at AsiaPOP 2017 (Comicon) on August 25th in Manila.[1] Netflix released a 360° video for it on YouTube on September 28, 2017.

Ryuk is voiced by his film voice actor Willem Dafoe. The video was uploaded to Netflix YouTube accounts for different regions and languages, and some of the videos have subtitles.

The experience[]

The viewer begins in a dark bedroom with Ryuk who gives the viewer a choice: to rip out a page with the name Niel Wray written in it, or to let him be hit by a truck and killed. Niel's death is viewed on a computer screen on the viewer's desk. The viewer is then out on a street where they witness a car accident, and then they are struck by another car and die. Against a black screen, Ryuk taunts the viewer about their death and takes the Death Note.

Description from the Press Release:[2]

Featuring the voice of Willem Dafoe, this immersive VR experience thrusts you into the thrilling world of Netflix Films' Death Note. Once inside, you’ll have your own personal encounter with the terrifying Ryuk as you wield the Death Note and its power first-hand. Shall we begin?

Description from CBS Digital:[1]

The user assumes the role of high school student Light Turner, who discovers a mysterious notebook that is used to mete out death by the death god Ryuk, played by Willem Defoe. The experience begins in Light’s bedroom, at night, as a thunderstorm brews outside. Creepy sounds are heard as Ryuk appears in different places within the room, eventually luring the user to pick up the Death Note and engage the powers of Ryuk. A moral choice is presented, to either LIVE or DIE, letting the user play God, deciding the fate of another. For the user's penance, the tension quickly ratchets up as the experience delivers an unforgettable – and quite unexpected – climax.


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  • The video reuses footage from the film that was originally for James Brode's death.

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The video was uploaded multiple times to different official Netflix accounts, some with subtitles:


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