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A Korean-language production run of Death Note: The Musical (뮤지컬 데스노트) opened on April 1, 2022, in South Korea at the Chungmu Art Center. It was initially scheduled to run until June 26, 2022, which was its last date at the Chungmu Art Center. After selling out every performance, the production was extended through August 14 and relocated to the opera theater of the Seoul Arts Center beginning July 1, 2022.[2] The production was first announced on November 22, 2021,[3] and rehearsals began on January 26, 2022.[4]

On February 5, 2023, an encore performance was announced with the cast returning. The production will open on April 1, 2023 at the Charlotte Theatre in Seoul, and it will run through June 18, 2023.[5]

It is the third Korean-language production of the musical, after the 2015 and the 2017 South Korea productions, and the sixth production overall. It is the first production of the musical by OD Company, rather than by CJeS Culture which produced the previous South Korean performances.

This run of Death Note: The Musical is "a Non Replica version, meaning that the performances and costumes have been redesigned and redirected instead of reusing sets and props from previous productions."[6]


The main cast were announced on January 24, 2022. Most of the cast are new for this production; returning cast includes Hong Kwang-Ho as Light, Kim Junsu as L, and Kang Hong-Seok as Ryuk. The ensemble and swing cast were announced on February 6, 2022.

This run of the musical has double-cast the five main characters, which is the first production of the musical to do so.

Role Cast member Notes
Light Yagami Hong Kwang-Ho (홍광호) Returning from 2015
Go Eun-Seong (고은성)
L Kim Junsu (김준수) Returning from 2015 and 2017
Kim Sung-Cheol (김성철)
Misa Amane Kei (케이)
Jang Min-Je (장민제)
Ryuk Kang Hong-Seok (강홍석) Returning from 2015 and 2017
Seo Kyung-Soo (서경수)
Rem Kim Sun-Young (김선영)
Jang Eun-A (장은아)
Soichiro Yagami Seo Beom-Seok (서범석)
Sayu Yagami Ryu In-Ah (류인아)
Ide Seo Man-Seok (서만석)
Mogi Hojin Lee (이호진)
Aizawa Won-Tae Maeng (맹원태)
Matsuda Wonjong Choi (최원종)
Ukita Jeong Hoe-Yoon (정회윤)
Ensemble 주홍균, 김시영, 서재홍, 박태경, 최희재, 손지훈, 강경현, 오차연, 김다혜, 기영수
Swing 한연주, 김종준, 김서안, 박영빈


The 2022 production of Death Note: The Musical was nominated in 12 categories for the 7th Korea Musical Awards held on January 16, 2023. It won four awards: Death Note won Best Production over 400 seats, Kang Hong-Seok won Best Supporting Actor for his role as Ryuk, Kim Dong-yeon won Best Directing for the production, and Oh Pil-young won Best Stage Art for the production.[7][8]

Award Ceremony Date Category Recipient Result
The 7th Korea Musical Awards
Jan 16, 2023 Best Production - Over 400 Seats Death Note Won
Best Actor Hong Kwang-Ho (Light) Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Kim Sun-Young (Rem) Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Kang Hong-Seok (Ryuk) Won
Best Supporting Actor Seo Kyung-Soo (Ryuk) Nominated
Rookie Award - Women Ryu In-Ah (Sayu) Nominated
Ensemble Death Note Nominated
Producer Shin Chun-soo Nominated
Directing Kim Dong-yeon Won
Choreography Heejin Song Nominated
Stage Art Mikyung Kim - Technical Director Nominated
Stage Art Oh Pil-young - Stage, Lighting, Video, Prop Design Director Won

Image gallery[]

General posters[]

First character poster set[]

The first character poster set was released on January 24, 2022, when the main cast were first announced.

Second character poster set[]

The second character poster set was released on February 6, 2022.

Cast countdown images[]

Ten days before the open on April 1, 2022, promotional images began to be released daily. These images feature a message and signature from a main cast member, and a countdown to how many days left.

Other promotional images[]

Korea Musical Awards images[]

OD Company released several images in celebration of their wins for the 7th Korea Musical Awards.

Video gallery[]

General videos[]

Teaser trailer
November 21, 2022
Introducing the cast
February 6, 2022
1st trailer
February 8, 2022
2nd trailer
May 19, 2022
Performance Highlights
July 19, 2022

Video interviews[]

The main cast did short video interviews that were released on February 15, 2022.

Interview with Jang Min-Je (Misa)
February 15, 2022
Interview with Kei (Misa)
February 15, 2022
Interview with Seo Kyung-Soo (Ryuk)
February 15, 2022
Interview with Kang Hong-Seok (Ryuk)
February 15, 2022
Interview with Jang Eun-A (Rem)
February 15, 2022
Interview with Kim Sun-Young (Rem)
February 15, 2022
Interview with Kim Sung-Cheol (L)
February 15, 2022
Interview with Go Eun-Seong (Light)
February 15, 2022
Interview with Kim Junsu (L)
February 15, 2022
Interview with Hong Kwang-Ho (Light)
February 15, 2022

Additional interviews with other cast were release later:

Interview with Seo Beom-Seok (Soichiro) and Ryu In-Ah (Sayu), March 2, 2022

Character motion posters[]

A series of "motion poster" videos were released for the main characters. These are essentially poster-styled videos of just a few seconds each.

Misa (Jang Min-Je)
Misa (Kei)
Ryuk (Seo Kyung-Soo)
Ryuk (Kang Hong-Seok)
Rem (Jang Eun-A)
Rem (Kim Sun-Young)
L (Kim Sung-Cheol)
Light (Go Eun-Seong)
L (Kim Junsu)
Light (Hong Kwang-Ho)


  • Minor plot elements and changes added to this production:
    • KMusical 2015 vs 2022

      Hong Kwang-ho as Light; his expression following Haley Belle's death differs between productions. Top is 2015; bottom is 2022.

      During We All Need a Hero, Light uses a handkerchief to cover Sayu's seat when the two of them sit on a bench. Interestingly, the same handkerchief is used to dress his gunshot wound after L shoots him following The Way It Ends.
    • Various scenes are extended, primarily to add comic relief, such as an extended scene of Ryuk first appearing to Light during a thunderstorm (as a nod to Ryuk's introduction in the anime) and Light accidentally sitting on Ryuk or Light scaring L after L shoots him.
    • Following the first reprise of Death Note, Light initially reacts in horror and screams after he kills Haley Belle and the other FBI agents (as opposed to laughing manically in the 2015 version), demonstrating a rare moment of internal conflict before reclaiming his resolve as he sings the reprise of Where is the Justice.
    • When Soichiro finds Light's body after Ryuk kills him, Soichiro finds a pen nearby, but because he does not know about the Death Note in this continuity, he is left confused as to why the pen is there.


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