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A Korean-language production of Death Note: The Musical (뮤지컬 데스노트) ran from January 3 to January 26, 2017 in South Korea at the Seoul Arts Center Opera House in Seoul. It was the second Korean-language production of the musical after the 2015 production, and the third overall production of the musical in any language.


Several members from the 2015 production returned to their roles: Kum Junsu returned as L, Kang Hong-Seok returned as Ryuk, Park Hye-Na returned as Rem, and Lee Su-Bin returned as Sayu. Newly cast were Han Ji-Sang as Light, Ben as Misa, and Seo Young-Ju as Soichiro.

Character Cast Notes
L Kim Junsu (김준수) Returned from 2015
Light Yagami Han Ji-Sang (한지상) New
Misa Amane Ben (벤) New
Ryuk Kang Hong-Seok (강홍석) Returned from 2015
Rem Park Hye-Na (박혜나) Returned from 2015
Sayu Yagami Lee Su-Bin (이수빈) Returned from 2015
Soichiro Yagami Seo Young-Ju (서영주) New


On December 19, 2016, a few weeks ahead of the performance open, a Death Note: The Musical Showcase was performed at the Lotte Concert Hall in Seoul. The Showcase was a concert with cast members performing songs from Death Note: The Musical before an audience. The showcase was streamed live online with over 58,800 viewers watching it live.[2] During the performance of Mortals and Fools by Ben (Misa) and Park Hye Na (Rem), Ben's microphone did not work. Park Hye Na shared her microphone with Ben for part the performance. A stage hand ran a new microphone out to Ben, but the new microphone also didn't work properly, and they shared Park Hye Na's microphone for the remainder of the song.

The Showcase also included cast photos and a panel interview with the cast.

Tickets for the showcase went on sale on December 12 and sold out within one minute.[3]

On January 25, 2017, the production had a Backstage Live Special streamed live online.[4] The video featured the main cast backstage in a group interview.

Studio recordings and music videos[]

A series of music videos were released online as part of the promotion for the production, featuring studio recordings of the songs by the cast. Music videos for this production included:

For Playing His Game, a "Making of" video and a "Behind the Scenes" video were also released.





Promotional images from Death Note: The Musical Showcase held December 19, 2016, including the related photoshoot and press conference.


Promotional images from the production of Death Note: The Musical, January 3–26, 2017, at the Seoul Arts Center Opera House in Seoul, South Korea.

General videos[]

Music videos[]

Showcase videos[]


Death Note: The Musical won Best Licensed Musical Reenactment at the 2017 Stagetalk Audience Choice Awards (SACA).[5] Additionally, Kim Junsu won Best Musical Actor for his role as L, Park Hye Na won Best Supporting Actress for her role as Rem, and the ensemble for Death Note: The Musical won Best Musical Ensemble Cast.[6][7][8]

Nominated Category Results Awards ceremony Referencs
Death Note: The Musical Best Licensed Musical Reenactment Won 2017 SACA [9]
Kim Junsu for his role as L Best Musical Actor Won 2017 SACA [10][11]
Park Hye Na for her role as Rem Best Supporting Actress Won 2017 SACA [12][11]
Ensemble cast Best Musical Ensemble Cast Won 2017 SACA [13][11]
Ben for her role as Misa Best New Musical Actress Nominated 2017 SACA [14]


  • Kim Junsu's performance as L in this run of Death Note: The Musical was his last performance before his mandatory enlistment with the South Korean military.


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