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A Japanese-language production of Death Note: The Musical ran from April 6 to April 29, 2015 in Japan at the Nissay Theatre in Tokyo. It was the first full production of the musical in any language.


The role of Light was double-cast.

Role 2015 cast member
Light Yagami Kenji Urai (浦井健治) (shared role)
Hayato Kakizawa (柿澤勇人) (shared role)
L Teppei Koike (小池徹平)
Misa Amane Fuka Yuzuki (唯月ふうか)
Rem Megumi Hamada (濱田めぐみ)
Soichiro Yagami Takeshi Kaga (鹿賀丈史)
Ryuk Kotaro Yoshida (吉田鋼太郎)
Sayu Yagami Ami Maeshima (前島亜美)

Live recordings[]

Two of the performances were recorded and later aired on television in Japan. The first, with Kenji Urai as Light, aired on October 17, 2015.[1] The second, with Hayato Kakizawa as Light, aired on November 7, 2015.[2]


Two soundtracks for the production were released in July 2015. One features Kenji Urai performing as Light, and the other features Hayato Kakizawa performing as Light. Both are recordings from live stage performances.

Title Date released UPC Catalog
Death Note: The Musical Kenji Urai Version July 2015 4 571388 908180 HRFA-0005
Death Note: The Musical Hayato Kakizawa Version July 2015 4 571388 908197 HRFA-0006



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Promotional images from the performances of Death Note: The Musical.

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