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This page is for the novel. For the film, see Death Note: Light Up the NEW World.

Death Note: Light Up the NEW World Film Novelization (映画ノベライズ デスノート Light up the NEW world, Eiga Noberaizu Desu Noto Light up the NEW world) is a Japanese novel based on the film Death Note: Light Up the NEW World. The novel is written by Masatoshi Kusakabe based on the film screenplay by Katsunari Mano.

The novel was released five days before the film premiered in Japan. It has been translated into German and Italian.


The novel mostly follows the film, but it notably expands on some areas that the film does not cover. Alexey Ivanov's shinigami is revealed as being Sidoh, Kenichi Mikuriya's shinigami is revealed to be Eve, and Roger Irving's shinigami is revealed to be a large silent shinigami whose name even Yuki Shien does not know. Shien also interacts with the shinigami more in the novelization. Scenes are also expanded, such as Sakura Aoi's conversation with Bepo before her murder spree.

The first few pages of the novel feature images from the film including Tsukuru Mishima, the new Task Force, Ryuk, Ryuzaki, Arma, Yuki Shien, and Misa Amane.

A character introduction section gives the names and short summaries of the main characters including Mishima, Ryuzaki, Shien, Misa, and Ryuk.

The staff and cast sections are for the staff and cast of the film.

Full contents list[]

  • Film images - 001
  • Title page - 005
  • Contents - 006
  • Character introduction - 007
  • Film info - 008
  • Prologue - 009
  • Chapter 1 - 023
    • Part 1 - 024
    • Part 2 - 032
    • Part 3 - 049
  • Chapter 2 - 069
    • Part 1 - 070
    • Part 2 - 084
    • Part 3 - 106
    • Part 4 - 113
    • Part 5 - 124
  • Chapter 3 - 139
    • Part 1 - 140
    • Part 2 - 160
    • Part 3 - 178
    • Part 4 - 188
  • Epilogue - 209
  • Staff - 226
  • Cast - 227
  • Book info - 228


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The prologue reveals the King of Death or Shinigami King's true intentions behind sending six notebooks to the human world; having become delighted by Kira's actions, he claims that the Shinigami must find a successor to Kira to regulate humanity lest the human race destroys itself from boundlessly killing each other. The prologue briefly discusses the backstories and killing motives behind the non-Japanese notebook users Alexey Ivanov (to provide euthanasia to those suffering from intense psychological or medical pain) and Roger Irving (for financial gain), before they are killed and have their notebooks stolen (presumably by Yuki Shien). Meanwhile, a new Kira emerges among the new notebook owners.

Chapter 1[]

This chapter explores Sakura Aoi's motives for killing, which is more or less for humor and entertainment. Following her death and confiscation of her notebook, Ryuzaki and Mishima, both in charge of a new Kira task force dedicated to securing the notebooks, discuss how acquiring all six notebooks will stop any further Death Note incidents. Touta Matsuda's thoughts regarding L and Light are explored in this chapter, particularly his theory that Light was manipulated by the notebook to lose his mind as well as Matsuda's guilt for having shot Light ten years ago at the end of the original Kira case. Misa also first appears in this chapter and wonders why Light did not reveal he was Kira to her following the spread of the "Kira Virus" videos uploaded by Shien (the Kira Virus being a clip of Light seemingly confessing to being Kira).

Chapter 2[]

The intentions of Kenichi Mikuriya, another Death Note owner, are revealed to be based on spite for Kira and his followers, believing his followers should be punished for enjoying unlawful killings. After Mikuriya's death, Shien takes his notebook and it is revealed that the notebooks he has been collecting have led to their respective Shinigami to follow him: Ryuk. Eve, Sidoh and a Shinigami who is very tall and whose name he doesn’t know. Shien's interactions with the Shinigami are added as comic relief, such as Shien catering to Sidoh's chocolate cravings by keeping a cooling box for chocolate in his car. Later in the chapter, Shien's actions lead to Matsuda's death and Misa allying with him. What occurs afterwards is the same as in the movie: Mishima is accused of being associated with the new Kira, and Misa commits suicide after helping Shien kill some of the task force members. Ryuzaki is also revealed to be a "clone" of L in this chapter, but the details are not elaborated on.

Chapter 3[]

International tensions regarding the notebooks have increased; the US has threatened military action such as a nuclear strike to neutralize the threat of the Death Notes. Meanwhile, Mishima and Ryuzaki finally confront Shien where it is revealed Mishima was in fact the new Kira all along; Mishima had obtained a notebook after killing Teru Mikami, a prosecutor with an "abnormal" adoration for Light and the guardian of Kira's original successor, Light's son. Mishima edits a video left behind by Light meant for his son and passes the notebook and the video to Shien, thus explaining the origin of the Kira Virus. However, Mishima is able to challenge and eventually turn away from his beliefs as a Kira supporter due to Soichiro Yagami's influence. A surprise attack from an international special unit then occurs, leading to Shien's death and Mishima's incarceration. This chapter goes further into depth into Mishima's reasons for becoming the new Kira; though he was initially motivated by Soichiro’s suffering to investigate the Kira case, he grew more and more fascinated with Kira’s morals as he delved deeper into his research and eventually came to believe Kira was truly justice.


The notebooks obtained by Shien are confiscated, but four of them are destroyed in an attack by an international crime syndicate hoping to sabotage relations between Japan and the US. Ryuzaki, who is set to die at the hands of the Death Note, names Mishima as his successor and frees him, tasking him with the mission to secure the remaining Death Notes. The novel ends with the final trace of the Kira Virus video playing before deleting itself, featuring Light cryptically stating "just as planned".[1]


Language Original title Publisher / Imprint Type Date ISBN-13 Notes
Japanese 映画ノベライズ デスノート Light up the NEW world Shueisha (JUMP j BOOKS) Paperback Oct 24, 2016 978-4-08-703409-7
German Death Note: Light up the NEW world Tokyopop Paperback Feb 01, 2020 978-3-8420-5678-7 [2][3]
Italian Death Note: Illumina il nuovo mondo Panini Comics (Planet Manga) Paperback Dec 24, 2020 978-88-912-9572-9 [4][5]




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