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Death Note: Genius of the Counterattack (デスノート 逆襲の天才, Death Note: Gyakushu no Tensai) is a television movie in the Death Note film series. It condenses the first two films Death Note and Death Note: The Last Name, with additional scenes related to the miniseries Death Note: New Generation and the new film Death Note: Light Up the NEW World.

The film serves as a summary recap for audiences before they see the new film Death Note: Light Up the NEW World, and it aired on television the evening before the film premiered.[1]


Death Note Gyakushuu no Tensai poster


The film covers events in 2006, which are a condensed recap of the first two films, and events in 2016 related to the Task Force as they work on the new Kira investigation. It has narration by Tsukuru Mishima and Ryuzaki to quickly cover past events.

The film begins with Mishima in 2016 researching the old Kira case. The first thirty minutes of the film are condensed overview of the first film, as these are the events that Mishima is looking into.

In 2016, the Task Force is moving to a bigger facility. Ryuzaki shows up and meets with Touta Matsuda. The following sixty minutes are a condensed version of the second film, Death Note: The Last Name, as Matsuda and Ryuzaki go over what happened.

The film ends with footage from Death Note: Light up the NEW World, showing the Death Notes falling to Earth, Ryuzaki on his motorcycle talking to Near, and the Task Force on their way to investigate the murders taking place in Shibuya. It transitions into an ad for the new film.


  • Although it is a recap of past events, it does not include any of the events from the third film L: Change the WorLd.


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