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Death Note: Confrontation is a board game based on the Death Note series.

The game was released on August 15, 2018.[1][2] It was initially intended for release on June 6, 2018,[3][4] but was delayed.[5][6]


The game is "a two player game that pits L against Kira." The game takes approximately 30 minutes to play.

Pre-order description:

The mysterious killer Kira has managed to take another life. Baffled by Kira’s ability to seemingly strike anyone, anywhere, Interpol have called in the legendary detective L. Now the cat-and-mouse game begins, and L must feed Kira specific targets in order to deduce Kira’s location and, ultimately, his identity. Meanwhile, Kira continues to enact his supernatural brand of homicidal justice, racing toward completing his list and disappearing without a trace.
Death Note: Confrontation is a two-player game in which one player takes on the role of L, trying to locate and capture Kira, and the other plays as Kira, punishing those he sees deserving of the ultimate penalty. Each player uses their character’s specified notebook and either, as L, reveals criminal targets to systematically locate Kira or, as Kira, eliminates those targets in order to gain enough victory points.

As described by Icv2:[4]

The eccentric but legendary detective L is hunting the mysterious anonymous killer “Kira.” L must feed Kira specific targets in order to lure Kira out, and ultimately uncover his identity. Kira continues to bring final justice to those he deems guilty, killing people and then vanishing without a trace. Each player takes a role as either L or Kira, using their specific notebook to either reveal criminal targets to locate Kira, or, as Kira, eliminate the targets to gain victory points.


  • 1 Detective notebook
  • 1 Death Note notebook
  • 40 Suspect cards
  • 24 Lead cards
  • 2 Wood tokens
  • 2 Plastic cards
  • 3 Custom dice
  • 1 Rule book


  • The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) is $29.99.

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