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S-stop joking around! If you do that, you'll start World War Three!

— David Hoope

David Hoope (デイビッド・ホープ, Debiddo Hōpu) is the President of the United States.


He is an older man with squinted eyes and thin eyebrows. He has combed black hair.


He gives permission to form the SPK after having a discussion with Near.

Sometime later, when Mello gains the Death Note, he is threatened by Mello with the Death Note, forced into giving him all the information he has on the SPK, and to keep him updated on what they are doing.

Scared of Mello's threats, he works with L (Light) to infiltrate Mello's hideout using Yitzak Ghazanin's troops, only for all the troop members to be killed. Hoope ends up committing suicide shortly after, and it is said that Kira disposed of him after the special forces' attack failed.


  • Although he is the U.S. President in the manga, George Sairas, his vice president, is the president in the anime.

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