Daril Ghiroza (ダリル=ギロオーザ, Dariru Girōza) is a female Shinigami.


Daril passes the time by stacking human skeletons. She has a liking for metal accessories but dislikes bright places. She has no interest in the human world and is content in the Shinigami Realm, where she enjoys gambling. She is known for her "goofy laugh."


Obata described her as a "more of an Orthodox-looking Shinigami" with "an Asian appearance." He explained that he created her design at the same time as his design work for Sidoh for use as a new main character, and as a result, her appearance contrasts with Sidoh's. Obata said that he based Ghiroza on Ryuk's design and tried to make her appear "higher-ranked."

Obata stated that when he discovered that another Shinigami would appear on Earth, he filed through designs and nominated Sidoh and Daril Ghiroza. He believed that Ghiroza would be chosen and prepared for that decision; instead, Ohba selected Sidoh. The decision to use Sidoh was based on Ghiroza having attained a high Shinigami rank and therefore not fitting the role of a Shinigami being "pushed around" by a human being.

Obata went on to say that he was glad that Ghiroza was not selected since her design included many details that he felt would have caused "real trouble" if he tried to draw her in every chapter.

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