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You are all chosen members of the cause. You will change the world.

— Daisuke Matoba (L: Change the WorLd, p. 29)

Daisuke Matoba (的場 大介, Matoba Daisuke) is the secondary antagonist in the Death Note film series, appearing only in the film L: Change the WorLd and its novelization. He becomes the leader of the bio-terrorist group Blue Ship, although he seems to be in it more for the money than for the cause.


Matoba has dark brown hair and wears a business suit. Notable is his left eye, which he appears to be blind in. It is light blue in color, as is typical of a blind eye, and the skin around it seems to be burnt.


Matoba is a cold and greedy man, and normally comes off as such. In the novel, however, while his personality is the same, he comes off as being kind, generally in order to boost morale. He also fakes his concern for Blue Ship's cause so that he can manipulate its followers.


Matoba is first seen talking to another member of the group, who accuses him of being greedy for wanting to sell the virus and not actually caring about their cause, prompting Matoba to grab a knife and stab him.

He later goes with Kimiko Kujo to the lab to get the antidote, but it is destroyed by Kimihiko Nikaido.

He continues to go along with K's plan because she lied to him, falsely assuring him that the antidote to the virus existed. When L pursues the group onto the plane, K rips an I.V. out of Maki's arms, causing a drop of her blood to fall onto Matoba, infecting him with the virus. The virus soon begins to take effect, and Matoba begins bleeding profusely, begging K to help him, crying that he does not want to die. When Matoba realizes that there truly is no antidote, he yells at K, telling her that he was going to sell it for millions of dollars, finally exposing his true colors, proving to be greedy rather than caring about what they were doing.

He is later given the antidote, destroying the virus and living through the endeavor, only to be arrested promptly afterward.


  • "This place has no need for you."
  • "The day is at hand when the natural balance contained in this garden will be restored to this world." (L: Change the WorLd, 29)


  • According to a report by F, Matoba was born in Kanagawa, Japan, he is 5' 8", and he is single.