Daikoku Private Academy (大国学園, Daikoku Gakuen) is the Japanese high school that Light Yagami attends and where he finds the Death Note.


In one of the first shots of the anime and manga, Light is shown to be bored in a classroom, while the other students are not paying attention. In the anime, Light is called out by his teacher to translate a passage, which Light does very efficiently.

Light, staring out the window, proceeds to see a black notebook fall out of the sky and land on the lawn. After school, he picks up the notebook and reads its contents, which suggest that it can kill people. Believing it to be a prank at first, he sets it back down and walks away, but as a result of his curiosity, he picks it back up and carries it home.

The black notebook is later revealed as the Death Note.

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In other mediaEdit

In Death Note: The Musical, the first scene is set in Light's classroom at Daikoku Private Academy. Light's teacher discusses justice, leading into the song "Where is the Justice" when Light voices his frustrations with the justice system. Light finds the Death Note shortly after this while still in his school uniform, but it seems that he's outside of school at the time.


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