Convinced is the seventh chapter of volume eleven and the ninety-fifth chapter of the Death Note manga series.



The investigation team and Light are watching the NHN live New Year's special where Misa is supposed to be making an appearance. The commentators note that Misa Amane has not arrived yet and wonder what's keeping her up.

Worried, Light calls Mogi and Misa and finds out that both are not answering their cell phones. They decide that they need to find out where they are. Meanwhile, Aizawa suspects if this is Light's doing after Aizawa told Mogi about the notes. Light, however, is wondering if Takada did something to Misa. He concludes that she couldn't have been that stupid.

In reality, Lidner and Rester pulled a gun on Mogi, who didn't resist because of what Aizawa told him about the notes and kidnapped both him and Misa.

Aizawa tells Light that he suspects Near was behind this. He agrees. Light calls Near and tells him that Misa and Mogi have been abducted. Near admits that he had his team kidnap them…. for insurance. Light suspects that Near wants to get rid of Misa because of her Shinigami Eyes, even though she doesn’t have them anymore. However, Near tells him that they did not resist the kidnapping and offers him to talk to them. Light, as L, asks Mogi if he agreed to this, and he answers yes. Light says that he will let them stay with Near. However, Near tells Light that he wants to collect as much evidence as he can on Kira. For this, he needs Misa out of the way before Kira begins to manipulate her again.


Tsugumi Ohba said that the chapter title "Convinced" relates to how both the task force and the SPK are going forward with their plans and are convinced that they are taking the morally correct choices. Also, the word "convinced" appears on the first page of the chapter.

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