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Contact (接触, Sesshoku) is the ninth volume in the Death Note manga series.


Light has always been confident in his ability to outthink everyone, but L's protégés are proving to be more of a challenge than he anticipated. The more Light mentally maneuvers, the tighter the net around him becomes. And now Near and Mello are working to break the task force apart and expose Kira from within! Light has always held up under pressure in the past, but will the stress of this new line of attack and the strain of maintaining three different personalities be the beginning of his end?[1]


Character debuts[]

International releases[]

Language Publisher / Imprint Translated title Original title Released ISBN-13 Notes
Japanese Shueisha / Jump Comics Contact 接触 Dec 02, 2005 978-4-088-73887-1
English Viz Media Contact Contact Jan 02, 2007 978-1-4215-0630-2
Finnish Feb 24, 2009
French Kana Apr 11, 2008
German Tokyopop Dec 01, 2007
Hungarian Mangafan Dec 18, 2008
Italian Panini Comics Feb 21, 2008
Korean Daewon C.I. Jul 15, 2006
Polish J.P.Fantastica Mar 2009


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