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This page is for the manga volume. For the chapter, see Confluence (chapter).

Confluence (合流, Gōryū) is the second volume in the manga series, Death Note.


Light thinks he's put an end to his troubles with the FBI—by using the Death Note to kill off the FBI agents working the case in Japan! But one of the agents has a fiancée who used to work in the Bureau, and now she's uncovered information that could lead to Light's capture. To make matters worse, L has emerged from the shadows to work directly with the task force headed by Light's father. With people pursuing him from every direction, will Light get caught in the conflux?[1]


Character debuts[]

International releases[]

Language Publisher / Imprint Translated title Original title Released ISBN-13 Notes
Japanese Shueisha / Jump Comics Confluence 合流 Jul 02, 2004 978-4-088-73631-0
English Viz Media Confluence Confluence Nov 08, 2005 978-1-4215-0169-7
Finnish Jul 30, 2008
French Kana Feb 02, 2007 9782505000426
German Tokyopop Union Vereinigung Oct 24, 2006 9783865806123
Hungarian Mangafan Meeting Találkozás Sep 27, 2008 9789639794139
Italian Dec 21, 2006
Korean 대원 Confluence 합류 Dec 15, 2004 9788925290492
Polish J.P.Fantastica Connection Połączenie Oct 2007 9788374710886
Spanish Jan 30, 2008


Manga guide[]


  1. Death Note Vol. 2, Confluence