Button (ボタン, Botan) is the sixth chapter of volume eight and the sixty-seventh chapter of the Death Note manga series.



With only the drawing of Mello, Sidoh begins to scan the Human World for him using an observation hole. However, he still wishes that the investigators would somehow lead him to him. One day, Soichiro receives a call from Mello. The investigation team quickly notices, and they use the cell phone sharing system to listen in. Mello asks Soichiro how come Kira can use the Death Note to kill others just by seeing their faces. Light sends Soichiro a message from his laptop, telling him to respond by saying he doesn't know. Then, Mello asks the name of the fake L they chose to replace the real L. While Light and investigators ponder about what to do, Matsuda sends Soichiro a message telling to say that it was Matsuda.

Near calls Light and asks him if the information that he gave him about the Death Note was all the information he knew about it. Light answers that it. However, Light did not mention anything to him about the Shinigami, the Shinigami Eyes and ownership of the notebook, in order to keep his advantage over him. However, Light counters by asking Near if he is indeed the Near from Wammy's House. Near acknowledges it and explains to him that Mello sees this as a game. Whoever gets the notebook first and finds Kira first is the winner, and he will do anything to win. Mello kept Soichiro alive in order to get more information from him, and he purposely ate chocolate by talking to Soichiro in order to send Near a message that he got the notebook first.

Meanwhile, Mello calls the President of the United States and tells him that he now has possession of the Death Note. With the notebook, he has the capability of making a person launch a nuclear attack before they die, if he does not cooperate with him.


Tsugumi Ohba says the chapter's title "Button" refers to many different aspects of the chapter. It relates to the button on the mobile phone that Soichiro presses in the beginning of the chapter, and then the keyboard keys that Matsuda presses, and the button that Mello says he has to launch a nuclear weapon.

Also, apparently Ohba did not actually know that there was a kanji character that meant "button."

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