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Bepo (ベポ, Bepo) is a Shinigami exclusive to the Death Note film series. He is attached to one of six Death Notes newly brought to the Human World.


Bepo is a large, golden Shinigami with six fingers on each hand.


Bepo is first present, but unseen, in the second episode of the mini-series Death Note: New Generation. He is with Sakura Aoi as she messages Ryuzaki.

In the film Death Note: Light Up the NEW World, he is the first of Shinigami met by the new Task Force when they capture Sakura's Death Note. Ryuzaki is the first to touch it, and he gets the rest of the Task Force to do the same. Tsukuru Mishima asks Bepo several questions, and Bepo tells them that only six Death Notes can work in the human world at once.

In other media[]

Along with Ryuk and Arma, Bepo appears in Namie Amuro's "Fighter" music video. He eats at a dining table with the others, and he appears with Amuro in a dark forest.

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  • After Sakura's death, possession would have presumably gone to Ryuzaki, who touches the Death Note next. However, Bepo is not seen again after this, so it is unclear if Bepo possesses him.