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Armonia Justin Beyondormason (アラモニア・ジャスティン・ビヨンドルメーソン, Aramonia Jasutin Biyondorumēson) is a Shinigami who informs Sidoh that his Death Note was stolen by Ryuk.


Armonia's appearance is that of a golden skeleton adorned with all manner of jewelry. He is always seen sitting on a heavily decorated throne made of skulls. He also has a set of green, insect-like wings. In The a-Kira Story, Armonia can spout insect-like legs from the throne to travel, and for unknown reasons, has replaced much of his body with robotic parts. Primarily, his entire left leg has been swapped.


In Death Note 13: How to Read, Armonia is described as being a Shinigami that the Shinigami King places a great amount of trust in. Because of this, many other Shinigami often approach him for advice. Being highly intelligent, he knows everything there is to know about the rules governing the Shinigami Realm. Armonia also sits on a throne and can sometimes be seen smoking. Takeshi Obata also describes him as being "conceited."



Sidoh talking with Armonia Justin

Armonia provides Sidoh with several scrolls describing the various rules that Shinigami have for interacting with humans, which Sidoh uses to guide his interactions with Mello in the Human World. The scrolls are not mentioned in the anime.

In 2019, following the events of the main manga, Armonia travels to the human world to inform Ryuk that the King of Death has requested an audience with him. Ryuk asks why and he leaves, replying that he doesn't know.

In other media[]

Armonia (here referred to as Justin) appears in the audio drama with a slightly expanded role. Due to the audio drama's merging of Mu and the Shinigami Realm, Justin primarily deals with recently-departed humans, and tells L's spirit his premature death caused "a lot of paperwork." He is part of an inefficient bureaucracy of Shinigami, so slow it takes over five years to acknowledge L's request to return to the human world. Bored, he tries unsuccessfully to convince L that the afterlife is an illusion created by his soul. However, L's request eventually passes up the chain of command to the Shinigami King.

As in the anime, he informs Sidoh that his missing Death Note is being used by Kira.[1]


Obata stated that, for Armonia's body, he referenced Tibetan art that features skulls. He also used ideas stemming from Italian antique accessories that feature faces covered in jewels.


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