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Alexey Ivanov is a character in Death Note: Light Up the NEW World. He is a Russian physician who receives one of the six Death Notes newly fallen to the Human World.


Ivanov is a talented physician who cares about the well-being of his patients. Initially hesitant to use the Death Note, he becomes intoxicated with the notebook's power after taking the life of a dying patient and begins a campaign to fulfill the death wishes of people all over Europe.


Ivanov hears a Death Note fall in the snow on his way to see a terminally-ill patient. He brings it with him, and when his patient Rovalskiy Vassily Nikitovic says he wants to die, Ivanov tests the notebook and discovers it is real. In the film, he turns around looking up as though he sees a Shinigami, but the scene ends there, and the Shinigami attached to his notebook is never revealed. In the novel, his Shinigami is Sidoh,[2][3] and they discuss the Death Note.

Ivanov begins fulfilling the suicide-requests of people on the internet, mostly in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Yuki Shien, who is working with "Neo-Kira," eventually tracks him down. Shien kills Ivanov with a Death Note, making him commit suicide by overdosing.

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  • Ivanov is loosely based on C-Kira, a character in the manga who performed similar mercy-killings on the elderly.