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Honor Bound znany też jako With Honor (名誉にかけて, Meiyo ni Kakete) to utwór z musicalu Death Note.

Postacie występujące[]


Any grounds for L's suspicion
surely lie with me.
I must catch this monster Kira
so the world will see
my son is exactly
who he seems to be:
Honor bound and bound by honesty.

Accusations, innuendo,
theories full of cracks,
timelines, and coincidences
can't replace hard facts.
But if what I'm seeing
bends as light refracts,
am I blinded to what my son lacks?

If I thought these lies where true,
would I have the strength to do
anything I needed to
for justice' sake?

Could I stand the pain and lies
if it's Kira that I find
behind Light's eyes?

Listen to me, am I crazy
thinking he could be
some insane unfeeling monster
somehow raised by me?
Must come to my senses
and my sanity.
Let me see the son I need to see:
Honor bound and bound by honesty.

Honor bound to serve his family.