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Change the World, znany też jako If Possible (できるものなら, Dekiru Mono Nara), to utwór z musicalu Death Note.

Postacie występujące[]



It's gotta be a joke, of course
Some fed-up cop who left the force
Or some civilian psychopath
Whose righteous wrath may be the source

(dialogue interlude)

But what would happen if it's true?
Imagine all that I could do
For with such power, I could change
And rearrange the world anew

(dialogue interlude)

If there's the slightest chance it's true
I'll write his name, what else can I do?

[Chorus (spoken)]

Now maybe justice sure and swift
Will become my clear-cut gift
To a system ripe for saving

Now let the Death Note play its part
And become a work of art
For the justice we're all craving

[Chorus (spoken)]


What can I do? What can I say?
How can I go when I should stay?
I have a family I must face
How can I place them in harm's way?

I have a family, just like you
But also Kira to pursue
I can't stop now and walk away
I've got to stay and see it through

Why should we make our families pay,
Risking all for some cliché,
'Stead of food upon the table?

I have a son who needs his dad
Not a widowed mom too sad
To provide more than a fable

I have a daughter of my own
Who, although she's almost grown,
Is the reason I am staying

For, if not us, then who, I ask
Will be equal to the task
And will pay a price worth paying?

We all must do what we must do
And to our truest selves be true
This will no doubt be my last case

So face to face, let's see it through

The choice is ours, you heard the boss

Go on and leave, it's no big loss!

Okay, I will, the choice is mine!
This fine a line I will not cross!